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Monday, 3 December 2012

Review Markup For Blogger

Lately I have been posting about different Rich Text markups which can help Google in displaying your Blog beautifully on Google Search Pages. Here is another one which would be useful to people who write review products like Gadgets, Movies, Games etc. This won’t be useful to any one else out there :P
Here is a screenshot of how the Review data would appear on Google Search Results
Review Markup For Blogger
The Search Snippet will display the rating provided  by the author along with the name of the author and the date on which he made the review. Google picks up this Data from the Rich Text Markups that you add to your Review Post. This kind of a review is termed as individual review or you can call it as the post author’s review The aggregate review based on user feedback is not yet possible on Blogger as blogger doesn’t have a proper mechanism to collect feedbacks from the readers.
This is the minimal(not exactly) Markup required to display review information in Google Search.
<div class="hreview">
<span class="item">
Name of the Product you are reviewing</span><br/>
<span class="fn" > </span>
by <span class="reviewer">Your Name</span>
n <span class="dtreviewed"> Jan 6 2012<span title="2012-01-06" class="value-title">
o </span><br/> </span>
Rating: <span class=" r
Paste this snippet to the end of your Review Post after editing it properly.To paste this snippet you will have to switch to the HTML mode of the Blogger Post Editor. Also make sure that you have added a jump break in your post somewhere before this review snippet.This step is important and if you miss this, it will lead to multiple reviews on the same page.  The data in red should be edited and I think all of it is pretty much self explanatory. The rating can be provided out of 5. Once you publish the post, you can see a preview of the Review Snippet by using the Google Rich Snippets Testing tool.
Note: If you are using different Rich Text markups, all of them one be displayed on Google at once. So you have to choose based on the  data that you would want to be displayed on Google Search. You can play around with the Snippet Testing tool and customize it in the way you like it to be displayed.
Adding this markup doesn’t guarantee that the Review data will be displayed on Google. But it is most likely that it would be displayed provided  you have a quality blog. :)